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For more information about working with us or for media inquiries, please contact Terri Brinston at 734-591-1076 or email via our contact page.

Our Mission

Serving at-risk students to help them achieve the physical, emotional, and spiritual balance required for academic success.

Nurturing Wellness Group Foundation is a Wayne County, Michigan based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in November 2017 by Terri Brinston, RN, MA, CLNC and CEO of My School Nurse. Our primary focus is to help students and young adults overcome barriers that prevent or delay success in school and life by providing them access to a holistic support system.

Our wraparound program intervenes through educational programming, prevention initiatives, mentoring, case management services, parent support, and actively collaborate with others to build students and families’ capacity for adaptation, self-management, career and employment preparation, self-advocacy, and learning.

The Nurturing Wellness Group Foundation serves teens and young adults ages 12 to 25 who are struggling in school and in life due to stresses such as incarcerated family member, victims or witnesses of drug, physical, or mental abuse, unstable home environment, and more.

Some Statistics That Drive Us

MI Students Below Proficiency

According to the National Center for Education 2015 Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), Michigan’s eighth graders are below proficiency in math (71% below ), reading (68% below), writing (73% below ), and science (64% below).

Graduation Rates Lower than National Average

According to Community Commons (2015/16), Michigan's high school graduation rate is at 82.6%, which is lower than the national average of 85%.

High Number of Students in Poverty

According to the Community Commons, in Wayne County 25.03% individuals are living in households with income below the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), which is higher than the national average of 16.71% and the state average of 15.47%.

Lack of Access to Professional Healthcare

According to the Community Commons, in Wayne County 34.89% of Population are living in a Health professional shortage area, which is higher than the national average of 33.13% and the state average of 28.86%.


Terri Brinston Photo

Terri Brinston Photo

NWGF Brochure

NWGF Brochure

Video: Life Support for Students

Video: Life Support for Students


Chief Executive Officer


Terri holds a Master of Arts in Education Administration & Community Leadership from Central Michigan University, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Madonna University. Among her professional certifications, she is a Registered Nurse, holds a Legal Nurse Consultant certification, and is certified as an American Heart instructor. In addition to working as a pediatric nurse, Terri has almost two decades of experience teaching & consulting with schools, parents, and students.

Terri Brinston has been married for 26 years. To their union, they have been blessed with 2 children. In her leisure time, she is actively involved in her church's ministry. She serves as an AdvancEd external review team member, a member of the MI Association of School Nurses & National Association of School Nurses, a member of the Michigan Health Occupation Educators Association, and an advisor of Michigan Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA).