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Why choose our parenting enrichment courses?

Affordable options

Access personalized support with flexible pricing to fit your needs and budget.

Convenient scheduling

Learn and grow at your own pace with coaching sessions scheduled at your convenience.

Rich resources

Access valuable parenting resources, including articles, videos, and expert advice, to enhance your coaching experience.

Tailored coaching

Address specific parenting goals, like communication improvement, conflict resolution, and fostering independence.

Take Off Training

 5 Modules

10 Lessons

This course helps parents and adult children navigate the challenges of transitioning into adulthood. It addresses guilt, shame, and societal judgment and empowers you to support your child while rediscovering your own wants and desires.

Parenting Blueprint

 5 Modules

10 Lessons

This course provides parents with practical strategies and valuable insights to help guide their young adults toward independence effectively. It empowers parents to offer crucial support during this critical transition. 

Roadmap To Independence

 5 Modules

10 Lessons

This course is your ideal resource for unlocking your full potential. It’s expertly designed to equip both young adults and parents with the essential skills and knowledge to effectively navigate the challenges and responsibilities of adulthood.

Plus, you will get these incredible bonuses when you buy a course!

Strategy Session

3 Modules

This Strategy Session is designed to provide you with essential insights, tools, and guidance to support your child’s successful transition into the adult world.

Motivational Conversation

3 Modules

This course is designed to equip parents with the skills and strategies needed to engage in constructive dialogues that inspire and support their child’s quest for independence.

30 Day Accountability Membership

 5 Modules

This course gives you exclusive access to our potent accountability log, a daily tracking tool meticulously crafted to assist you in documenting your actions, celebrating milestones, and recognizing your achievements—all while setting SMART goals.

“I could not see a way out. Through their support, I was able to regain my power and gain a healthy relationship with my son.”

Mrs. Jane Johnson


Program Director

Carla Saunders is the Program Director of the Nurturing Wellness Group Foundation. Her role involves overseeing ongoing programs and being accountable for various tasks, such as planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and chairing program activities and committees.


Terri Brinston is a certified legal nurse consultant, a master-prepared registered nurse, and the founder and CEO of My School Nurse. She is dedicated to helping young people reach their full potential and enjoys exploring new places and expressing herself through creativity in her free time.

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