Courses For Young Adults

Roadmap To Independence

“Roadmap to Independence” is a course designed for you and your young adult child who is struggling with the transition into independence. It consists of three modules: “Pack with a Purpose,” where students prepare themselves mentally and emotionally for their desired future; “Intention Blueprint,” helping students create a clear life intention; and “Goalsetting on Steroids,” teaching students how to set SMART goals effectively. This course equips students with the skills and mindset needed to overcome challenges and achieve their goals in adulthood.

Transform Your Reality

“Unleash Your Potential”

Transform Your Reality

“Unleash Your Potential”

“Transform Your Reality: Unleash Your Potential” is a transformative course focused on developing foundational skills to support personal growth and success. This 12-week program includes the following modules, along with weekly small-group coaching calls to secure your transformation.

• Laying the Foundation for an Extraordinary Life 
• Creating a Roadmap for the Future
• Declare your new Way of Being
• Rewrite Your Story
• Who am I, Really?
• Stinking Thinking
• Cause and Effect
• Check your Inner Voice


30 Day Accountability Membership

With our accountability log, you can easily track your progress on a daily basis, documenting your actions, milestones, and achievements. Gain valuable insights into your habits, patterns, and areas for improvement as you work towards your goals.


Program Director

Carla Saunders is the Program Director of the Nurturing Wellness Group Foundation. Her role involves overseeing ongoing programs and being accountable for various tasks, such as planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and chairing program activities and committees.


Terri Brinston is a certified legal nurse consultant, a master-prepared registered nurse, and the founder and CEO of My School Nurse. She is dedicated to helping young people reach their full potential and enjoys exploring new places and expressing herself through creativity in her free time.

Let’s set your career and life goals, inspire healthy habits to achieve those goals, and nurture self-management skills to promote lifelong wellness.

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