The Nurturing Wellness Group Foundation strives to empower young adults through the WhatNow Program. Our goal is to provide them with the resources and support they need to succeed and become valuable members of society.

WhatNow is a support group led by peers that brings together community resources, adult mentors, and information to help young people become successful adults, positive role models, and leaders in their communities. We welcome you to participate in shaping the future by sponsoring our initiatives. Our vision is to foster a generation of purpose-driven youth who possess the necessary tools for success.

As a sponsor, you will play a crucial role in the support system that enables these young adults to achieve their full potential and make a long-lasting impact on society.

How You Can Get involved

Get Focused & Stay Focused

Empower young adults with tools to set clear life intentions and maintain focus on their goals.

Enrichment Classes

Sponsor life-altering classes designed for young adults, providing practical strategies for personal growth and life transformation.

Empowerment Sessions

Sponsor impactful sessions that boost the confidence and strength of young adults, helping them realize their potential.

Health and Wellness

Support young adults in adopting a balanced lifestyle, addressing physical, mental, and spiritual well-being tailored to their age group.

Career and College

Offer insights into careers and educational paths relevant to young adults, assisting them in making informed decisions about their futures.

Financial Literacy

Sponsor programs focused on basic and advanced financial knowledge specifically tailored to the financial challenges faced by young adults.

Leadership Development

Cultivate leadership skills in young adults and provide opportunities to connect with leaders in various industries for skill enhancement.


Help young adults explore their spirituality and find answers to life’s big questions, promoting a sense of harmony with the world.

Listed below are the benefits we would like to offer you for sponsoring WhatNow:

What You Get

• We will Post your content on our website
Free advertisement for your program/information to our members
• Post contact information in our partner/resource section
• Opportunity to do a series on your content
• Opportunity to do a live Q/A with our members

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will my information be utilized/posted?

Your content will be uploaded to our membership portal. Only participants who have a Memberships will be able to view your content.

Are you selling my content?

No, we are not selling your content. We are hosting your content on our page. The minimal membership fee serves as a convenience fee so we can provide content for our participants in one convenient location, provide additional leadership support, pay for web hosting, and compensate support staff.

How long will you host my information on your site in your resources section?

For the life of your program providing that you complete yearly updates via survey.

What is a “series” and how can I do one?

See checklist for more information.

Can I view my content on your site?

We provide two options to view your content: We can provide you with a copy of your posted content per your request or Become a WhatNow member for $50 a year (2 for 1)

Does it cost to become a Professional Partner?

No, it does not cost to become a professional partner.

What do I get for becoming a Professional Partner?

An opportunity to extend your reach to young adults across the nation. Your logo will be posted on our website as a partner. Your contact information will be posted on our site under resources. An opportunity to receive financial compensation by hosting a series.

Can I write off my participation with Nurturing Wellness Group on my taxes?

We will provide you with an in-kind donation receipt. We recommend that you consult with an Accountant or an Attorney.

Can I do more than 1 content entry?

Yes, you can provide as many entries as you would like, Posting of contents is subject to approval by the WhatNow leadership team.