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People are always telling me what to do, but never how to do it!

WhatNow is a peer-led support group that brings together community resources, mentors, and information to help young people become successful adults.

Who is WhatNow for?

After graduation, everything changes. There is no structure and no one to tell you what to do. Your social life is reduced to a few likes of your social media posts. With all your additional time, you either become a champion in some video game craze (which took you around 90 hours to accomplish), or you emerge in a crazy amount of hours working at a fast-food restaurant or some dead-end job with no chance of advancement. After a long day of work, you are welcomed by nagging parents each day!

This is your life! If you don’t wise up fast, you will be celebrating your 22nd birthday, and you will find yourself in the same position and wondering where the time went.

Adulting struggles

Think about where you are in your life.

Ask yourself the following question:
• Are you happy with your current situation?
• Are you where you want to be in your life?
• Do you know what you need to do to get where you want to go?
• Do you even know what you want?

If you answered no to any of the questions above, Stop the Madness and Snap Out of It! If you want more out of your life (career, family, sustainability, etc.), We Can Help you get on track through our WhatNow Support Group. Join us and let us support you in changing the direction of your life. Let us help you with your adulting struggles.

Why should I join WhatNow?

Meet people just like you

Join our network and meet others who understand what it’s like to be a young adult. We understand the frustrations you have in transitioning to adulthood.

Make better decisions

Learn how to make better, more well-informed decisions about your life and the things that impact you the most. Learn how to prioritize your energy toward the things that matter the most (career, relationships, etc.).


Find inspiration

Get inspired, stay focused, and stay empowered while we help you build your life to truly reflect your dreams and aspirations.


Get out of your own way

Get rid of your self-limiting belief and get unstuck as you embrace the real you.


Share your stories

Share your experiences and ideas while developing lasting relationships from state to state and around the world.



Get answers

Navigate adulting topics like what a credit score is and why it’s important. What is an APR and why does it matter and much more (the stuff you can’t Google).



WhatNow membership includes

Access to on-demand resources

College and career information

Health and wellness resources

Workshops and speakers

Entry-level job information